Another Aerial Fire Fighting Concept 😂

Rough layout Pressurized Water and Components Holding Tank… :sunglasses:

1 Acre represented…


Forget space, how about the big boys build us minions something that can put out fires?

Anything would be an improvement on what we’re currently trying!

My doodle is nothing more than an oversized Fire Extinguisher…

I hope the new young designers come up with something soon :sunglasses:


Another perspective less natural spin…


Black widow spider silk is extremely strong. By weight, it is stronger than steel. This has made it of keen interest to scientists looking to recreate its incredible properties in the laboratory. Now, a team from the U.S. has edged a little closer.

“Practical applications for a material like this are essentially limitless,” Gregory Holland, from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at San Diego State University, told Newsweek.

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