Another Educational license help

Hello I was approved for an educational license however it still seems to have me in the trial account status I’m unable to import any stl files any help please

Hi, can you please try to log in with your EDU email on the Settings page of Shapr3D (Preferences on mac)? If the license has been approved and you are logged in, you should see that there is an active EDU license.

Hello thank you for the help
it says my educational license is active until June 21 2022
Edit: actually on the forum in the preferences I’m not seeing any active status but on the iPad app says it is

You should be able to import STL files with both the Trial and the EDU license. Can you please tell me what is happening if you try to import the file after logging in with the EDU license?

If you could send me the email address to that you have the EDU license attached to, I would be happy to check it.

I sent a email to the with my email