Bug Report, fail to reactivating pro edition :- (

Thanks for giving us students a chance to use the Pro version for free, it’s so nice! But after we updated Shapr 3D this noon, our student version become invalid… I click the button “恢复购买”, it says “恢复购买成功” ,but I still can’t use the pro edition.

Don’t know if it’s a bug or an error, so I report it. And I do hope to use the pro version again.

Thank you sir.

Here are the photos.


But I still can’t make it…

Are you logged in with the account you’ve requested Shapr3D edu license?

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No, this account is registered with my personal email(which is often used on my iPad), and the account I’ve requested Shapr3D edu license is 1810290112@student.cumtb.edu.cn. Last week, I succeed applying for edu license with my edu email, and had fun using shapr 3d.
But things changed when it had been updated… I foud that I lost the license for pro edition while I was happy in painting my work in shapr 3d that day morning.
At first I think it maybe a bug or an error , I submitted it in app store but no one cares it.
After two days, I found it maybe a common problem of version updating,so I reaset it hoping it works. But… I feel so said now, it didn’t work out, and my painting work in shapr 3d disappeared,too…
:slight_smile: Could you help me? I really like shapr 3d, but I am now just a student who is unable afford it .
Thank you sir😭

I re-assigned an Edu Pro license to your 1810290112@student.cumtb.edu.cn educational email address. Try to log into the application again and let me know if the issue persists.

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@Zoli_Shapr3D @Victor_Shapr3D :slight_smile:Thank you, sir! I get it! Now I can use the pro edition , again~
But, may I attach my account to my personal email address to 1165328005@qq.com? You know, our school network email server always lags and we couldn’t login from time to time because of our school’s bading network construction.(This case maybe very very common in China… Lots of schools care little about our students’ right in the Internet.)
So,may I have my personal email email attached to my account? I promise I will submit my Schooling Certificate ever year.
(In some degrees, the School Certificate is easier to get than logging into the school email when our email server is badly broken down.) As we know, an email with “edu” can be easiliy fake, but a Schooling Certificate which is stamped with official seal is the most important evidence .
Just a little suggestion, thank you,sir!
I am touched by your actions in serving users,especially in helping our students who are lowly in social.
Thank you, sir😃

By the way, I think Shapr 3D is the best app I have ever seen in the app store.It helped me achieve my design in my mind.Just with an iPad and an Apple Pencil, I am able to create a new world.
Thank you for developing this app😜
Emmm, I am well in sales,maybe~ And I could make a cool video to introduce Shapr 3D in English and Chinese. So , may I get in touch with your sales manager? I am willing to introduce this great app to ever one who is creative.
I mean, this is a good way to express my thanks, and I just want to have a try… To make more people know such a good app and I think some of them will be happy to buy this app☺


It’s great to know that it’s working well again. Thank you for kind feedback. You can can write a review for the application on apple app store.

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