Any help from the pro’s out here 😀

How do I start to create a life form type drawing. My project is to create a step by step guide and show how I create a box. This is my work on a large scale. I take sheets off 1mm polypropylene and weld them to create a shoe box the size of your house. Forming, shaping measuring welding.
I want to create a step by step to finished product installed. Best description is industrial origami :grinning::+1:t2:
I’m a 3D novice ! But ambitious … pics attached. How would the pro’s go about this :smiley:
Any help much appreciated

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Interesting project! Am curious if this is ‘art’ of if the end result is functional? Is the end result basically an open box?

There are many programs to form shapes from bending sheet metal. How is your approach different?

Will think about how to do this…



The end result is a top sealed box … I’ll attach an image of something like water tight for surface water flooding … basically a hole is dug at any size dependant on the water storage capacity for the potential flood area… genrally 25x10m say then we fill the void with attenuation crates as a void structure then weld a membrane around the crates weld top hats for pipe penatration details and job done a underwater storage facility for surface storm water EFEE41BA-5CF7-4C79-AC5D-C1D96E082292 09F34C17-3314-4FA4-BE05-6FF45788AE82 346CC849-C99C-439A-BADB-B048E6F2A09B

something like this is the end result

Hi I am not sure if this helps. I have done a test.
I started with a sketch with the sides drawn in their starting and finishing positions then put them in different groups. Each. Group can be switched on and off.
The following pictures show the steps by selecting the parts I want to see.

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Hope this helps
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Curious if this is the material that is often used for large ornamental fish ponds?

Yes dependant on the thickness it’s the same product for pond liners .75 1mm 2mm etc

Hi Paul
Very helpful thank you for your in put :+1:t2: I’ll set out in this format and go from there…
I’m hoping to achieve the corner fold half open and 45% to stage :+1:t2:
Give it a whirl

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