Any ideas for a short cut please?

I’m trying to create the side panel for this block is it possible to add and extrude the gaps ?
Thanks in advance

Can you elaborate a bit please?

See left block with extruded cut outs not the same as the the shape I first created but as you can see I’m looking to hollow out the this design on the sides of the block
Is this any clearer ?
I’ll try send an image of what I want

Hi Istvan

I need help here all week I can’t do anything … from pressing designs on the home page this takes 30 seconds minimum to load.

The transform and extrude always time out immediately with lag

I need to get this finished !

Can you please look at this.

Thank you


Sure, can you please send your .shapr file?

Thanks for the Shapr file, we are not sure yet what’s causing the issue, but can you try deleting all of your sketches? That could be the source of the problem.

We have identified the issue, but it will take us some time to fix it. Is there any way we can help you until then?

I’d rather not to be honest they took me ages to do!

Deleting them tells you nothing that’s the same as saying you don’t know and there is nothing you can do ?


No, it won’t help, don’t delete them.