Waiting time for operations involving splines

I am an architect and I am using Shapr3d to design a house, interested in how it can be introduced in the early stages of the design before full 3d renderings take over.

I am creating a terrain model using splines traced off an image in Shapr3d. First I created the 2d drawing and then started to extrude each contoured profile. I noticed that after the first 5-10 shapes the app started taking much longer for each operation, waiting about 30-60secs for extrusions. Can this be optimized? Why does it take so long, is there a save operation taking place every time something changes? Or writing the undo cache slowing things down?

A more minor comment, when I extrude shapes that are next to others can I default the operation to ‘new shape’? It seems to always think I am tinkering with the shape that is touching it. To my point above, this creates an additional operation of selecting ‘new shape’ with an additional waiting time.

First post in the forum so I got to say many thanks for this fantastic app!

Hi Yani, welcome to the forum and thanks for the kind feedback.
2 workaround options that could be helpful depending on the nature of the terrain you are creating

  • make a copy of the terrain design, split the design into two different halves from duplicate copies, export one half to a new workspace, when you are done working on individual halves reimport them into the same workspace and then put them back together using the Union tool.

  • Do all 2d sketching first, then multi-select similarly shaped terrains and then extrude at the same time against creating and extruding sketches one by one.

Thank you for your response Victor. Not really answering any of my questions though.

I got a solution, and that was to delete all the 2D curves that the 3D shapes used to be created, and also union all the 3D shapes into one. This makes the file hundred times lighter. So my mental notes: delete complicated 2D geometries when not needed any more, union 3D shapes where possible to simplify.

A suggestion to the developers: have a ‘hide’ option or similar for removing geometries from the cache temporarily without having to ‘clean up the file’ or having to duplicate, tweak and rejoin etc.

I will upload screenshots later today, to be fair to Victor I should have done that in the beginning.

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Hello - your workaround sounds great and thanks for sharing! We will be looking forward to the screenshots :slight_smile: