Unable to perform a simple extrude

I am trying to extrude a simple shape to 0.5’’ but I keep getting the error “Extrusion failed”. Ive done multiple projects like this without running into this issue before. Every other face in the project is able to be extruded except for the one. See attached image for the face I am trying to extrude.

Hi Chad, please can you upload the workspace here in Shapr format if that’s fine for you or send it to support@shapr3d.com
Let’s look into it to see what could be ths issue.

it won’t allow my to attach it since I am a new user so I have emailed it to support

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Hello! There is a small inaccuracy at the bottom of letter U that results in an open curve. Please trim away the open end of the curves and everything will be fine :slight_smile: