Are there any choices for the iPad

I have been working on a project for a while. Now I need to render it with a real appearance, to help people see the fit and finish. I need to add color and texture. Some of the parts are casted aluminum, while other parts are metal and painted with a texture finish. There are nylon bushings as well. Each part has a different appearance. The color tool is a great addition to the app, but it does not have a realistic rendering that I was hoping for.
So here’s the 10.000 dollar question! Are there any apps that will work on the iPad. that would give me the appearance I am looking for. I have a 12.9 iPad Pro (3 generation) with the current version 14.0.1. I don’t have a desktop to work with, the iPad is the only computer I have to work with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I use Forger for this. It´s a modeling app and not a CAD app, so it´s not ideal. But it does have some basic materials options.
I then export it as USDZ and compose and animate in Apple Reality Composer.
This is my latest one (the iphone itself is taken from

You also have Jig Workshop. From what I can see you can´t export it as USDZ or anything really.
But it is the closest thing you get to a rendering app on Ipad.


Thank you, it’s exactly what I am looking for.