Rendering App for iPad

Hello everyone! Any recommendations for a 3D rendering app for the iPad?
I do all the woodworking drawings in Shapr3D, but I would like to import them to a rendering app along with high quality “wood textures” and apply them to the imported CADs.
Any suggestion are greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Hi, you can check this out:

I haven’t used it yet and so I can’t tell how good it is.

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Will do, Victor.
Thank you

Blender is awesome for what you are looking for and its free.

Thank you for the comment, Filippe!
I was using Blender on Apple laptop, but I went through 7 computers in about 2 years. Between woodshop = dusty environment and customers’ home, didn’t matter how careful I was, they could only take so much.
Settled with the iPad Pro in a hard shell case and Shapr3D and couldn’t be any happier. I’m checking out Verto Studio at the moment, but it has (at first glance), some limitations. I do need an app for the iPad for quick sketches and rendering while with customers.

Thank you, again!

I was hoping would work. But I was disapointed. I was able to get some of the functions and import the model. But it was greatly bugged.
Apparantly Safari is not supported, and chrome on ipad doesn´t work either

If anyone have another good online rendering program they know of, please tell us about it :slight_smile:

I saw on the Shapr3D Facebook page, a rendering program called KeyShot.

I already use keyshot to modeling my 3ds of shapr3d and works very well, its easy to use.

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