I use arrays fairly often, polar, rectangular, along a curve, the works.

Are they planning to add arrays?


Same here…

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Oooohhh…me too!

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First thing I came to search for after signing up for forum…I need arrays!

I really, really do as well.

This is something that I miss very much. I hope they have it on their schedule.

We do. :slight_smile: Very important feature, at the moment we are investigating the best way to implement it. It’s a bit tricky, because it can easily create thousands of bodies, thus the scalability of this feature is the biggest question. But we consider this very important, however I can’t promise that we will deliver it this year.

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How about just adding an alert dialog if the resulting bodies/faces might affect performance?

Having a small numeric dialog for number of copies appear when activating/long pressing copy during move would be a perfect implementation. Having it this way limits the copies in one dimension at a time, thus setting some sort of restriction but at the same time being incredibly useful.

Just my $0.02

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