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One of the things I create for my employer are plate designs, often with decorative beaded edges. Shapr3D is an awesome app and far more accessible than most other 3d and CAD apps but it seems to be missing any kind of array feature.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to place a single decorative bead into my plate design and duplicate it multiple times (or create instances preferably) around a central axis. I can certainly do this manually but when a single plate often requires over a hundred decorative beads, the manual approach becomes unwieldy at times.

So, if possible I’d love to see both a radial and linear array function built into the app which would greatly increase its functionality for the kind of work I do.



Hi Pierre, makes sense and this comes among the top features we are working hard to incorporate into the app.
There is no set deployment date yet and I will pass on your feedback!

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I would agree with the feature request and look forward to further development. My design work relies heavily on linear and radial arrays. It’s the first function I looked for when starting the app. Glad to hear it’s on the roadmap. Otherwise, amazing app!

God please push this feature through please!! ive been trying to get my work to start using this software over fusion 360, but this is the single reason they object to. signed up to the forum just for this feature request!

love the software and workflow, but no a ‘repeat copy by n’ is such a deal breaker. so many times, particulary when ribbing a whole cyclinder surface, i have to translate by axis once, then select two, translate by axis, select copy icon, then work this process in multiples till im all the way round (so 1,2,4,8,16, so on). takes at least five minutes to do this and tweaking the distances isnt possible.

any help would be really appreciated, i can see this thread and possible feature priority was over a year ago, could you let me know when you plan to add it or a beta version i can get to?

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As with others, this is the feature that is holding me back from purchasing. I use this feature all the time in 2D and 3D designs and in both linear and circular fashions. I can’t see moving on this software until this feature is added. Otherwise I love the app and the ease of most tools and features. The drag and drop import for IGES will be very useful from McMaster Carr or other sites as I use a lot of files from these places now. Let me know when you add the array feature and you have another sale.

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Yep, just installed the app today and needed the array function… still no sign of it, I see, after all this time. Not good.

Very excited about this. Is there any update?