Easier way to duplicate multiple bodies around a point?

I posted this on the tutorial video:

But I’ll also ask it here… Unless I’m missing it, would it be possible to incorporate a feature where you could specify the rotation point and say ‘duplicate 27 times’ (or however many) and it would create that number of bodies equidistantly spaced? Fusion 360 has this feature, and it’s super handy.

Hi @pogle, thank you for the feedback, that feature is a missing piece. Currently, there is no other way for linear/polar arrays, but we know our users are missing this feature so much.

ah ok… any plans on incorporating it? It’s one of the primary features holding me back from buying a subscription… this would be a frequent operation for what I do for work.

This is not just an issue with S3D duplicating 27 copies around a point. It is another example of why “arrays” (“Components”) would be valuable. Even if the current S3D could duplicate 27 bodies around a single point, making identical modifications to each duplicate is not easy since each new body must be selected and then modified. Yes, a work-around is to Union then Scale, but the result is often incorrect. “Arrays” would open more possibilities to make “test” cases during prototyping, then modify all the cloned bodies based on changes to the master body.

There is another thread on “arrays”/“components”, so I am putting my vote in for this feature as a priority.

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