As soon as it sees my track pad it opens a window I cannot close

I am getting very frustrated with this program.

As soon as it detects my trackpad (iPad pro + magic keyboard) it opens up a screen to change configuration THAT I CANNOT CLOSE. It offers me no option that includes my Apple Pencil, and doesn’t let me CLOSE THE F*****G SCREEN. This is an obnoxious feature. Please remove.

If you are logged in, you should set the input method once. We have seen some cases when the touch+pencil input was the default method even if the iPad was connected to the magic keyboard. If the user accidentally touched the trackpad, the input selection window popped up regularly until a keyboard method was not chosen. After telling Shapr3D once the chosen method, the window was not shown anymore.

Please take care of your tone! I do understand that the popup bothers you and we are happy to help solving the issue without caps lock and coursing.