"Pointer Detected" pop up

I use an iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and Pencil.
Every once in a while this pop up comes up when I inadvertently touch the trackpad while modeling. How can I make the pop up go away?

I have to restart Shapr3D to get back to what I was doing. The pop up asks to hit the Escape key of which there is none on my keyboard. Is there a key combo to get to the Escape key?


Late breaking news. I was able to remap the globe key (bottom left) as the ‘Escape’ key via iPad Settings. I still don’t want to see the pop up after I power up if the Pencil happens to be out of range.

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We might change the behaviour, as iPadOS 15 now uses the Globe key for OS shortcuts.

The default keyboard combination for “Esc” is cmd + .

We’ll also investigate why does it come up so often, it should happen once / user.


Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate the response.

I have the same problem (which is what brought me here). I have to restart the app to get rid of it.
It would be great if the behavior could be changed to work in the manner you stated. Thanks :slight_smile:


Did you set it up once, and still keep seeing it?

Hello Laci,
I just tested it and can get it to happen whenever I use my Apple pencil and the screen of the iPad, and then try something with the trackpad.

It is supposed to come up, but once you set it up (go through the 2 steps), it shouldn’t come up again, unless you logged out. So it’s expected to keep coming up until you go through it once.

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Hid @Laci_K ,

The problem has reappeared for me as well.
I’ll start using Shapr3D on my iPad pro and commence modeling with the Apple Pencil. I also have the Magic Keyboard. If I glance the touchpad with my hand while modeling, I will get that ‘Pop Up’.
I have Shapr3D version 5.60.0 (2337). iOS version 15.3.1

Yes, this happens for me also. I’ve just worked around it, by reselecting it, but it’d be nice if resolved.

Same question to you guys :slight_smile: did you set it up once? (went through the 2 step detection process?)
If you did, it and you haven’t logged out, it shouldn’t come up again. Let me know if it still does.

Yes, followed the on screen instructions. If there’s more to it than is shown on the screen, I’m unaware of it.

I just logged out, and logged back in. I had to choose Pencil to begin. Then I touched the trackpad on my Magic Keyboard, and I had to setup touchpad and keyboard again. It happens with each logout.

Not a big deal for me, as I don’t log out often. Just providing additional feedback.

My experience is the same as @McD. I think it also occurred when I didn’t log out however I did do an iOS update. That may have brought back that pop-up, but I don’t recall for sure.

That is expected at this point. Logging out clears the previously selected input devices, so yes, this pop-up will come up again. We are looking to change this behaviour in the future.

I just tried to replicate this issue on my Pro W/Magic Keyboard, no dice. One tip for you though, CMD+. (period) is a universal macOS/iPadOS backup shortcut for escape! Shapr definitely respects the input too and acts accordingly. You don’t need to keep your useful globe key bound up just for Escape, CMD+. should work in just about any situation!


Thanks! Good to know about CMD+.

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Same issue. I am not attempting nor do I want to set up a keyboard, trackpad, or mouse. I get the popup every time I use my macbook next to shapr on the ipad. Interferes with workflow and is annoying enough to start looking for a new modeling app.

Thanks for the note. We are releasing a fix for this issue with the next release.

Sweet, thank you.