"Pointer Detected" pop up

I use an iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and Pencil.
Every once in a while this pop up comes up when I inadvertently touch the trackpad while modeling. How can I make the pop up go away?

I have to restart Shapr3D to get back to what I was doing. The pop up asks to hit the Escape key of which there is none on my keyboard. Is there a key combo to get to the Escape key?


Late breaking news. I was able to remap the globe key (bottom left) as the ‘Escape’ key via iPad Settings. I still don’t want to see the pop up after I power up if the Pencil happens to be out of range.

We might change the behaviour, as iPadOS 15 now uses the Globe key for OS shortcuts.

The default keyboard combination for “Esc” is cmd + .

We’ll also investigate why does it come up so often, it should happen once / user.

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Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate the response.