Assemblies & Simulated Movement Function?

I’m curious if there is any update on, or any plans for the implementation of an assemblies function that can simulate movement of something like a hinge?

I’ve done a search and come up with a few old threads on this, but with nothing recent I thought I’d ask again to get an idea of if this is imminent or still way off in the future.

I’ve got a project coming up where I’ll need to simulate movement of some unique hinge designs to ensure clearances will be met. Im trying to decide if I should hold out for the feature or if I’ll have to move to something like Fusion360 for this.



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Adding a construction axis to the pivot point will do that.


I found a video showing how to do it.

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Is there any chance that this could be made to work for more complex assemblies, such as linkages?

You want something like sketch blocks to do that.

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Agreed - wondering if there is some kind of workaround for movement of more complex assemblies with multiple hinge points in motion simultaneously.

I’m working on a pantograph door hinge design, and verifying the geometry will work via simulated movement would be really beneficial.


You can animate 2d linkages in shapr3d already, I was wondering if it would be possible to develop a way to animate 3D bodies

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It can but if you have a lot of hinges that depend on eachother it can get rather difficult to manage all of the construction axis after you’ve started moving them. Think of if you were making a transformers toy.