Assembly / simulation movement function

Please follow the format below for requesting a feature.

You can see the cam and follow (the screw in the follow is one of the things simulation would have addressed

This piece of equipment has a cam, and a follow, i was able to get the cam correct, but the follow was slightly off ( I suspected it was off, but the mechanism functions with other moving and fixed parts…and had to go through each one). However, the product works efferently enough to produce and sell. That being said i kept working on the loading mechanism because i find the closer to 100% the better………people and errors are expensive. The cam and follow are not the only 2 moving parts in regard to the loading, along with fixed parts ( they all have to work in harmony). The only way without simulation is intuition, trial, and error………and don’t give up.

Simulation of 2 fixed axis points would have allowed me to more easily find the problem, i new the basic relationship problem intuitively, and how to resolve it, but did not know exactly where, how, and how much ( a 16th” can make it consistent, 100 out of 100, instead of 98 or 99 out of 100. It took me quite a few months to find it, and along the way make other improvements that could have also benefited from simulation. I could have had my product on the market 6 to 12 mounts sooner.

The expected outcome on this design, along wit other idea to design ideas that i invent would be the saving of time and frustration (trial, and error can be rewarding, but costly)

It would allow me to more readily prototype, pick different materials, find errors or faults that you can’t pick up with video

I can’t achieve a streamlined prototyping process, with the fewest glitches possible, in a short amount of time…… without difficulty.

The concept, and design are totally new, and that is the type of project that interest me. There is no going to look at anything else……in fact I don’t look at other ideas because it sidetracks me.

Eg. “this feature should allow me to edit and create constrained assemblies with 100 000+ parts” or “using this feature I should be able to create G2 continuous lofts and manipulate the shape real time” or “with this feature I want to be able to quickly find a part in my designs by searching for its name”.
Understanding the outcomes that you expect from this feature helps us more than describing an actual implementation of the feature that you’d expect.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

Is this a workflow blocker for you? Is this why you can’t use Shapr3D for work? Is this slowing you down?


Hi @Zecnarf , assemblies are a quite frequently requested feature. While I can’t share details about our product roadmap, I can tell you that this is top of mind for the Shapr3D team.


I know you’re working on assemblies, to piggyback on this feature request a suppress axis would be nice to include. While there are work arounds such as repositioning the origin point of rotation it would alternatively/additionally be nice to be able to suppress the rotate around axis feature for individual axis when multiple axis are selected so that they still move with the assembly as it is rotated.
As seen here you could have a suppress axis slide out menu where the zoom to/rename/delete buttons are for instance. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work. Love y’all.