Hi there this is my first day on Shapr3D, and so far I’m very impressed.

However I cannot seem to find an assembly process, that being taking individual 3D models, and assembling them together. I could do it in Inventor, but I cannot find where to do it on this app?
Could someone please help me?


Hi @JAMIE, we don’t have assemblies yet. Currently the closest thing to assemblies is the Align tool, that allows you to accurately position two parts, but it won’t create constraints between the parts or a semantic assembly. We plan to implement assemblies in 2021.


Can’t wait :slightly_smiling_face:

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That would be a good option when it’s available. However I worked out a work around, if you export the designs to a step file, and then open up one of the designs, you can import the designs that way. Worked very well for me.

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I’m new on Shapr3D and the forum, but have years of experience on Pro-E and would like to help out on setting up Assembly structuring if possible. Or just give my 2 cents on how it might just want to be structured for best practice.

@JAMIE Yes that is a good way to bring multiple individual designs together. The only thing I would change about your workflow is instead of exporting “STEP” export “SHPR” instead and you will get much better fidelity.