Assembly in 2021

Following up from last years topic on assemblies.

Looking to hear from @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D follow up on his statement last year:
“Proper assemblies are on our roadmap, and planned to be released in 2021.”

Shapr3D has potential to be a great CAD software, but the Fortune100 company I work for won’t use it until it is has a basic CAD feature like assembly.

I think I speak for almost every professional design engineer when I say that a CAD software that can’t assembly parts is just for hobbyists and even then it is limiting.

As of right now, my personal take on Shapr3D is that it is a great tool to make a single model and export the model to Solidworks, Creo, or Fusion360. It is not a standalone CAD software.


Hi @DeereEngineer, we completely agree that assemblies are very important. It’s still something that we’d like to add to Shapr3D, but I can’t give you an exact release date yet.


Thanks for the quick response Istvan.

Are you able to give the Shapr3D community a list of features your company is working on and their priority?

I think that would go a long way to know where assemblies stand on the list of priorities of the company rather than an expected date for deployment.

I would also like to know if your company is working on Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing for drawings as that is the second roadblock for me to completely switch to use your software as my CAD choice for my job. This post below is exactly what I am looking for in drawings.

Feature Request: Title block & Tolerances on 2D drawings.


No, we don’t have a public roadmap, but we invest a lot in understanding our community’s needs. We have a team of 5 working on this exclusively.

Yes, tolerances are coming early next year. Title block customization is also coming soon, it’s in the implementation phase. @Alexander_P_Shapr3D’s team is working on this.


Great to hear! Looking forward to these features being implemented.


Is there ANY update on the long awaited Assemblies functionality?

I would make Shapr3D my main CAD in a heart beat - I‘d even go as far as to buy the newest 12“ iPad Pro because of it….
IF it would finally offer assemblies - with proper joints.

That‘s literally for me the single most biggest downside to Shapr3D… it would actually tick almost all of my CAD requirement boxes, if assemblies would be a thing.

I like the way it works - sketching / 3D Work is very intuitive with it… but I can‘t do complex things without realistic assembly-functionalities implemented.


It’s planned, but we can’t give you a release date yet. Have you tried creating assemblies with the Align tool? What’s your other CAD that you’d replace with Shapr3D?

The problem with the align tool is simply that:
it aligns things - it doesn’t keep them aligned, it doesn’t define restrictions, rotational axises, sliders, etc…

As a current example:
I’m designing a custom belt grinder (linisher) at the moment with a few specific features… I can’t use Shapr3D to test “sliding” tool arms, etc, rotate things as a linked assembly…etc.

I’ve been using Fusion360 so far… which I quite like - but with I really came to love how Shapr3d works on the iPad with the pen… it’s really intuitive.


Bumping this back to the top to see if we can get an update on an assembly module.

I think this is the most recent thread requesting it.


To the assemblies:

What exactly do you want?

You can already today:

  • Create assemblies (put multiple parts in one directory)
  • Automatically align assemblies
  • Rotate assemblies at any pivot point
  • Assemblies can be moved as required
  • etc.

I have briefly summarized the things listed above in a video:

But this is still missing: