Assigning a value to a part

I have been working on a design for a deck with a metal structure that we’ll cover with a canvas tent. My wife and I recently bought some land and are building a temporary campsite while we design the cabin. As I’ve been working on the design, I keep looking up parts that I’ll buy and use for the project. I model them and put them into my project. I’m able to group them which is great but I would love to assign a value to the group so I know what the total cost of my build will be at the end. For example: If I only have a budget of $4000 for my deck and I got a quote from a fabricator to weld up support brackets at $500/piece and I need 4 of them, then I have $2000 for wood and screws. This helps me design within the parameters of my budget.

I would also use this feature all the time when designing products. I could get quotes along the way and have the info in my model and essentially have a cost sheet at the end.


For now, the easiest way is probably to write the total cost to the name of the folder itself, so it’s easy to check on the UI.