Feature Request: Ability to create variables to be used in modeling

I would like the ability to create variables that can be used in the design. For example, when modeling a box, vars called box_width, box_height, box_depth, and box_wall_width. This way you can adjust the parameters at any point and the box size will adjust accordingly


We are working on it as we speak, so it will come very soon. On question though: you said you use Fusion360 primarily at the moment. Do you also use arithmetic expressions in combination with variables there, eg. “box_width / 2”, or just simple
numeric values?

Hi Peter,
For some of my designs, I would like to be able to keep the length and width proportional (like a golden rectangle) and having an arithmetic expression would be very useful!

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Mostly simple values. But at least once per project I am referencing other variables

I have used more complicated math before involving pi but that’s just another variable. I can’t recall when but I do think I used some other function like log or similar but I can’t recall

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A LOT of my designs I have do use arithmetic Expressions. That would be AMAZING if that was added. Being able to reference other parts allows for more complex and variable designs. For example, I have a 3D printable and CNC Routed minimalist wallet design that I make a lot of. I need the ability to easily adjust the amount of cards that it can hold for different customers.

Once a design is finished, it is easy to just have your main files and use them, but during the design and iteration phase of a project, it is nice to have the ability to change values and tolerances quickly across a product.

Is there in the meanwhile an outlook on when this may be expected? :blush:
Would be a great addition!

We’ve made significant improvements and a lot of the functionality is already available in development builds, but there are still many corner cases and usability/stability issues to fix until we feel confident to release. So unfortunately it’s still at least a month, but likely a bit more.


This will be super useful! Simple things like having a consistent rounding radius across a project would be very helpful. In the past, in SolidWorks, I got used to using an external spreadsheet like Excel in order to do ambitious parameterization, including if/then statements, etc. I’d suggest that some basic arithmetic variables would be great, but if you could link to an external file for complex work, then one design table could be leveraged across a whole family of models.

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Thanks for responding to these inquiries.

I’m a Fusion 360 user, chomping at the bit for variables. I can’t think of one design I’ve created that doesn’t make use them in Fusion 360, so for me, it’s a required feature.

I can’t wait to test drive Parametric + Variables with Shapr3D!

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Hey Shapr3d, I’m loving the fully released parametric modeling! Just wondering if there is any news on the ability for us to create variables yet? Thanks for all the awesome upgrades!


Yes, please. Waiting for this to switch from Fusion to Shapr :grimacing: