Organizing Parts

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When I create complex elements there are some elements that I would like to add to several groups.
For example you have 10 special metal profiles that you use on several parts. I want them to be grouped inside the part but would also like to have the option to select all of those parts so I can easily count how many I need in the end. That would come in handy when it comes to ordering parts…
Even better it would be if there was a option that would give me length infos for all those parts so I don’t have to calculate that myself.

I think that could help timewise if you have complex structures with lots of elements like aluminium profiles for example. Now I have to count how many I have, how long they are…it would be easier if this was possible automatically.

Its slowing me down and would help me a lot.

-group option for example based on hashtags
-option to give out informations about how many objects are in that group and whats the asked dimension
-the dimension could be selected by the first object and then when you copy that object very often its just the same for each of them. This way for example one could define the lenghts of aluminium profiles needed.


Simply select the parts - copy - close file - open other file - paste. That’s what I want.