Asymmetrical pyramid aka hip roof

Struggling to get this asymmetrical pyramid to have a square base. Your thoughts on process please. Thank you.

Just extrude a squre , draw tringles on the sides , then extrude from the body.

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I tried that but note the the bottom of the pyramid is not parallel to the ground plane.

You can move/rotate the piramid, maybe after it, project the square to the “ground”


JST is totally correct to have a square (or rectangular) bottom and still have an asymmetrical pyramid. Start with a box where the bottom is parallel to the ground plane and construct the pyramid accordingly as JST outlined. If that doesn’t work for you then maybe we are not understanding the problem. If that is the case, please elaborate further. The members here are always ready to help out.


Thanks - I had tried that too. Here is the file if you want to give it a try.

asymmetrical pyramid.shapr (1.09 MB)

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Still not having any luck. Anybody want to give it a try with the file I uploaded?

Plese, drop a hand draw sketch for the better understanding, from the target.

Thanks in advance for your help. Here you go.

roof sketch.pdf (815 KB)

Cool, thank you for the sketch. I made a step by step guide without exact dimensions:

  1. Create the bounding box of the pyramid

  2. Extrude away the bottom of it in the right angle

  3. Draw the side view of the pyramid

  4. Draw the two drafted contour of the pyramid on the upper face of the existing geometry

  5. Sweep the triangles along the bottom edge of the shape

  6. And subtract them to get the final shape

Worked construction for 20 years. Customs, hotels, industrial. 7/12 is quite steep so your drawing looks off to me. Why the 2’5 1/4"? Before or after the pitch are made? Do measure the pitch’s from level? Or from the base of your triangle? If from the bae of the triangle then this by making a cube and using 3 sides of it to sketch on:

If you are measuring your pitch from level, same technique but changing the drawing plane to reflect the 20 to 2.437 (6.947 deg) foot rise to the 20’ sq base and offsetting the pitch angles to reflect that rise.

Sorry for spelling/grammer, it’s early for me, working on second coffee, awake soon and grammer is a cracker. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks Peter - That did the trick. Figured there must be a simple way, but still learning my way around the program/tools