Hi there
I am new user and I need help how to draw a pyramid.
PLZ help

Draw a square, extrude to a cube, select the top face, Use the scale tool to scale it to 0.

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Draw a square- make sure its two dimensions are the same.
When you first extrude it, you will see two arrows… the big one that pulls the cubic shape out of the profile, and a little one perpendicular to the big arrow. Immediately grab that handle and drag it laterally to create a Draft… one direction makes the cube wider at the top- the other direction tapers it…
Pull it till it tapers to a point…
If you keep pulling it after its a point, it will simply adjust the height of the pyramid dynamically, until it has the proportions you like.

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Thanks a lot

Hi, @Ben100 here’s a short video as well :slight_smile: