Auto Union of objects after single object adjustmet

Another really annoying bug / feature of the version…

If I create a new object on the same plane as an existing object and then push a face on the new object it automatically groups / unified those objects. If I wanted to unite two objects I would do that manually.

Is this screaming bug of am I missing something?

This going to be fixed in a week, here is the solution:

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That’ll be awesome. My work around has been moving items into different groups and showing / hiding things so the two objects are visible while doing this. If one is hidden, it won’t union.

Yeh that’s a very long winded work around altogether go I’m sure if you have the time will work. Better to not release products (that some people are paying for) with such massive bugs.

I’m still confused as to why I can’t see a line width as I draw it. It’s kind of the only feature a line tools needs…terrible update

We fixed many bugs long time ago, we are just struggling with the freaking App Store. It is absolutely ridiculous what the App Store review team does, it can take 1-2 weeks to release an update, even if you fixed the bugs in 5 minutes. For example we submitted a new release 8 days ago, and it is still not released.

Looking forward to the update, however long it takes Apple to vet it! :slight_smile:
And thank you for all the effort you Istvan put into the App!

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The app is in review for 9 days now :frowning: