Unwanted grouping

Again I thought this was fixed…

Overlapping objects group.

I really can’t use the app in its current state. So many bugs / bad UX updates I have to find something more stable.

So frustrating after investing a year learning this tool and now having to deal with these terrible bugs.

I suggest user testing the current app instead of trying to add new features before your Pro users all leave

You can change the operations by tapping on the label. You can select fuse, cut, intersect, new object.

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Yeh I get that now. Here’s the problem…microscopic icons on a tiny numpad don’t really show me where I’m going wrong.

Trying something 4 times ina row should be enough to launch a contextual help / hint. I watched the update videos…to my knowledge I didn’t see any of this technical detail. Maybe I missed it…maybe gamifiy the learning if it’s there.

This is a very technical app. We’re not all as clever as you!