Auto Union when not desired

I came across an action in the regular program and verified it exists in the beta. I’ll explain and will attach a screen recording showing.

I was creating circular pins to connect two pieces. One piece would have the pins the other the receptacles. It makes 3D printing much faster if I can assemble rather than print full size.

So, I had my four sides. I sketched a circle on the bottom edge of one corner of one side. I did a copy added a circle to the different independent sides. I highlighted each circle then extrude all. The moment I began the extrusionall sides involved auto-unioned.

I created a screen recording within the beta.

Any thoughts on this post?

You can change the boolean operation either by clicking on the boolean badge next to the dimension, or by opening the feature in the feature tree, and selecting “new body” as the boolean parameter.

Its hard to see at first, but if I understand it right your issue is not that the extruded bodies are fused into the rectangles, rather that the two rectangles themselves fuse into an L shaped body because each has a new pin right? (At 0:45)

Lets see what our designer team has to say about this :slight_smile:

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David, that is correct.