Boolean failed upon Union

I’m trying to combine all the pizza slices that make up this guitar part into a single body via Union. It keeps on giving ‘The boolean failed’ message.

What might be the problem and, what would be a work-around for this?


Anyone? Shall I send the project file to support email when the design is complete?


Yes, please send the workspace to in .shapr format, we will look into it.

Thank you! I’m redrawing the curve with a lot more lines, I’ll send the project over once I finish it in order not to clog up the tech support. :slight_smile:

So, while sending the workspace to is helpful in fixing stuck projects, I wanted to have a workaround that may help when I get stuck with Union in the future.

This worked out for me, for now.

Extrude back bodies’ mating surface a millimeter or so, and loft two walls together. And union the gasket pieces to the bodies and it’ll union. This worked on me on the two problematic pieces I had.

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I agree. Although the support tickets a great, it’s also nice to jump on the forum and see what worked so people can try in a pinch. Thanks for posting!