Awesome stuff ! couple of questions with scaling

First of all, I just purchased the pro app, and it is fabulous. Coming from sketchup i have to adapt a bit to the new way of doing things, but looks very impressive so far, especially on my new ipad pro 10,5".

I was wondering if it was possible at all to scale an imported image, for example a floor plan that I want to use as a base for my model. In sketchup you could import an image, click on 2 points and enter a distance, and it would scale the image accordingly… anything similar here that I’ve missed ?

keep up the awesomeness !

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Of course, when you import an image, you can set the exact dimensions with the white labels.

OK, I get how you set the dimensions of the image itself, but say you have a jpeg with a floor plan, for example this one attached,

How can i make sure that the floor plan itself is scaled ? as it is smaller than the actual picture dimension ? Am i missing something here ? For example I know the dimensions of the basketball court, so how can I translate that in Shapr3D?

For example you can draw a line with the given length, and scale the plan according to that. Or you can just cut the margin of the image.

Ekiden, the way someone explained it to me once is that a jpeg like the one you posted here is not a drawing; it is only a picture of a previous drawing so there are no real drawing elements to work with. Hope that helps a bit.