Import Scale Concept

While looking at @Rohan 3rd drawing, I thought it would be nice if the “import” feature allowed you to set the initial scale and opacity in the workflow.

I envision it would be something like this:

  • User select image to import (just like today)
  • Image is presented by Shapr3D (just like today)
  • User can set the opacity (just like today)
  • User can draw a reference line
    • User will set the line length (but the line should stay where it is)
    • Reference scale anchor (if needed) is based on the starting point of reference line
  • User select “Done” and the image is scaled and set to the origin. The scale change is the ratio of input line length and the actual line length that was drawn.

Here is a mocked-up video with @Rohan’s reference design


Thank you sir

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I am trying to do it sir but it is not scaling
I want to scale this photo-

Sorry for the confusion Rohan. I was making a feature request to the Shapr3D team.

Yes - this is on our feature to-dos. Not sure when we will address it, but a refined image import is something we will eventually do :slight_smile:

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Looking forward for this import scale concept !!