Scale image after import

So I took a photo of an object to use. The scaling function seems to be only available on import. Also, it only allows changing the external dimensions of the image. I would like to be able to select two points on the object in the image and the enter the length based on an actual measurement. This way the model I generate based on the image will be actual size. As it stands now it’s either guess work or a lot of pita calculations. Unless I’m missing something.


You are not, this would be a great feature. Thanks for suggesting.

As for now, you can create geometry with the exact measurements (like a line) and then translate/move your image there and scale it to the previously created geometry.

Can you show us an example? I recently imported an image, a flor plan. Where I first locate a wall with a dimension of 6’-6", this is before importing the image. then, I drew a line in Shapr3d with this dimension. Once I’ve had imported my first-floor plan I adjusted that wall with my Shapr3d line of 6’-6". This took me more than several tries, probably over 30 times moving and adjusting one of the X, Y dimensions of the image. Then I imported my second-floor plan and I definitely couldn’t dimension this second image to the first one! Can you help?

Me too, i would like to know or use this function. Is there any way now 2024?