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I think I’m around 60 days effectively using Shapr3D today. 5 official days with the subscription pro level but who tracks that. :crazy_face:I personally think it’s a great tool and have tried out most of the features. Some a lot more than others.

Most of my doodles with Shapr3D are simple visual aids. For the most part nothing is dimensioned and often just put in place by eye.

I empathize with the folks who are trying to make a living using Shapr3D and or trying to make parts and are frustrated by this or that. I might suggest using multiple tools while trying to learn specific techniques and use the one that best fits that need, especially if hangups with a feature or file translates to delays in production … At my level of mostly entertainment, I’m using multiple doodling devices and platforms for this or that. I lose one it’s not the end of the world so to speak.

Affinity Photo is a great tool but I don’t expect it to do some of the things Shapr3D does and vise versa…

I sense and reasonably know there have been some personality conflicts in the forum. It’s generally to be expected with something new. We’re creatures of habit more often than not?

Anyhoooo there’s some phenomenally awesome people and talent in this forum and it would be even more awesome if some people who are currently absent at the moment might come back and join in and assist the newbies. Robots come to my mind as I scratched that out… :thinking:

TEAM … Together Everyone Achieves More or something like that… Jk :crazy_face:

Well, that’s my rant and I’m sticking to it… :joy:

Let’s go TEAM!!!


Didn’t unfortunately find appropriate time to read all you wrote, but the stuff is awesome :sunglasses:

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Thank You!!! Not just a doodling fool but a rambling one at that this morning!!!

I’ll blame it on the multiple, quickly ingested cups of high octane coffee!!! :+1:t2::crazy_face:

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