I made the plunge


I’ve made the plunge. After many hours with Shapr3d I personally find it to be an exceptional tool and look forward to using the full version for years to come. I’ve read a lot of the posts and have noticed what people like and don’t like. I could use all the tools / equipment Leonardo or Michelangelo had for doodling and will never match what they produced…

I doodled the funky looking mototorcycle moons ago using solidworks. Like most everything I doodle, it’s far from complete. Point being, I could comfortably achieve the same results using Shaper3d at my current level of doodling with Shapr3d and I’m far from learning all the bells and whistles. Obviously my forte is not motorcycles!!! :crazy_face: Anyhooooo

I’ve noticed some folks venting frustrations with Shapr3d in the posts. Remember, You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger… Buddha

Take a breath and try perhaps another approach or mostly try patience. I wouldn’t even begin to try and understand how software is developed but it’s very impressive and I personally think Shapr3d have assembled a cool team committed to providing and improving a great software program.

Yikes, ok, enough rambling…

Best of luck to ALL and Happy New Year soon!!!

Have FUN Doodling / Designing


Way to go! Good luck and wishes for a Happy New Year!



Thank You Tommy!!!


Springs, magnets and coils … Some of Nature’s Natural Balance… :sunglasses:



Quick low quality render :crazy_face:

Loving Shapr3D!!! :nerd_face:


nice it is. What is your rendering app?!

Thank You … I’m using Solidworks for renderings and or Affinity Photo … I don’t generally do a lot of renderings or realistic views unless it’s a presentational project and that is rare and seldom at this stage / juncture in my OLD age!!! :sunglasses:

Thank You again … I have a long ways to go to match the talent in this forum and I’m enjoying every bit of it!!! :sunglasses:

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