Basic intersect fail

Here is one of the various issues I’ve run into doing fairly basic things. If I design a solid that has a 3”x3” base, and then use a 3” diameter cylinder to create an intersect of the two solids, the final intersect will not be round, but have a “flat” in one area.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it’s silly issues like this that I no longer pay for a Pro license.


can you please send a video of the problem - followed your instructions and I got the expected results. Would love to see your version, and see if we can fix it.

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Well, I made a video but I am not allowed to include an attachment in the reply.

Bumped up your trust level, please try now (it only allows small videos though, try YouTube, gdrive in case the video is bigger)

Well, still can’t add attachments, but whatever. Hopefully this Dropbox link works for you.

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This is not an intersect fail, but a fail/bug on our part nonetheless. The problem occurs, when you put down the circle in (which you would assume) the middle of the rectangle. You can even see in your video, that the circle is not in the middle.

Unfortunately the circle center point doesn’t snap to the midpoint of the rectangle (it’s a known issue: when you doubletap on a face, the the guidepoints are visible, but not yet activated - geometry won’t snap to it)

Fortunately the fix is quick - make sure your circle in the midpoint of the rectangle. We will work on this issue on our end

I had a feeling that it was an issue with the center point, but figured it wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t accurate. Thanks for setting that straight!

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