New Point to Point in Measuring Tool

I am trying the above new feature. Easy to use on a Rectangle block but I can not get this to work on a circle or something close to a circle. I can tap in the center of the circle and I get one point. I try taping on any edge of said circle; just does not work.

Hey Johngerard, thanks for your input!
Unfortunately there are no guide points on a circle, so point-to-point measurements can’t be provided. If snapping to a circular edge would have been enabled, the position of the point couldn’t be specified accurately.

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Bumer, Is there another way to show the diameter? Some times I see the diameter, I think on a plan circle, but usually not on an extruded circle. I usually only get the Circumference of the circle. Most of the time I need to know the Diameter. Rarely do I ever need to know the Circumference measurement. Currently I am trying to figure out why in Simplify3d v5 it is importing my model as 291mm when I thought my model should have been around 106mm. So I went back to Shapr3d to try to remeasure my part to see if it is user error. Although, I have reported this issue before. When I used CURA slicer. In CURA a part that I know should have been 5x or 10x larger imported as 5x or 10x smaller. I was told that .stl files don’t include dimensions. But .3mf files should contain dimensions and I tried importing a .3mf files but same issue. Very frustrating!

Hi @Johngerard,

Can you please open a support ticket with the problems you mentioned using the link below? Please send us the exported designs and the original Shapr3D files also, we are here to investigate the problems.