Auto circle (or any other shape) midpoint recognition

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can easily and accurately sketch from the middle of things

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when i copy a body/pattern the midpoints dont show up anymore on circle shaped things. For squares i can find it easily but with cilinders its just guessing and zooming in alot

What can’t you achieve without this feature?
Perfectly sketch from the middle of objects

Is this a workflow blocker for you?
Is this why you can’t use Shapr3D for work?
Is this slowing you down?



If I understand you correctly, you wish to find the center of solid body. I would try drawing a line from the edge of the solid circle to the other side. Try to align as close to main distance. Once the line is in place you should see two center points, one will be the lines and the other will be the circles.

Yes but with cilinders this isnt 1:1 accurate.

Just make a projection of the circle hole and you will have center point of it.

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Maybe you can explain further as I am a bit confused with your referencing to the inner circle on the copy a body/pattern.

I did the following with no problem.

Original, selected the circle face.

Copy body/pattern. Selected the rectangle face.

Perhaps just didn’t understand your request correctly.

I thought you trying to find center of the round body.

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I will try this, thanks