Basic(?) Question: positioning sketch object on one plane by referring to objects on a different plane

This may be due to me being relatively new to Shapr3D coming from a parametric code…

Simple scenario: Draw a circle on the face of a block, extrude to a blind hole.
Now draw a circle on a perpendicular face.
How do you align this circle with the first circle drawn (on the first face)? Or
Or, align to circle on opposite face?

Most generally: how does one locate sketch entities on one plane relative to entities on another plane?
Thanks in advance…

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There’s a few different ways. Sometimes simply copying the original sketch and rotating it 90° will do the trick.

Do you have a screenshot of it?

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Many ways as @NathanD said. Here’s his suggestion. I projected the circle edge on a new plane and rotated it. Both holes are aligned.


Thanks so much… I’ll take a look. Another question - it seems you’ve created a construction plane that is offset from the top plane. Can this plane be moved to be coincident with the side face, so that the depth of the extruded cut can be specified with respect to the side face?

Can construction planes be added right on faces, as needed?

Did you more the circle to the plane, or copy it? I ask because it seems that it doesnt matter if you keep the circle once the hole has been made…

Thank you again…