Best format to export in to SketchUP

Dear friends I like to know best format to export in to SketchUp.


You can export your model to Sketchup in STL format. You can get some insights from this Sketchup article on importing STL files:

I hope this is somewhat helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you Victor, I did but to many triangles and no visibly solids, no plates, no layers…etc only lines in incorrect path…

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Hi, you are welcome. Can you please reach out to Sketchup support as they will proffer better suggestions on how to go around importing unsupported Sketchup CAD elements.
I see that Sketchup ignores unsupported CAD elements in 3D imported files and there is SKB plugin that can be installed to help with this. You can see more about this from this article:

I had the same question as you. I do have AutoCAD as well and just did a test with all the available formats. It looks like x__t and STEP works the best, then IGES. I import them into CAD, and then save as DWG. I then import the DWG into SketchUp :slight_smile: