Importing a Sketchup model in Shapr3d?

I finally found this model of a specific type of woodworking vise. But unfortunately… in Sketchup.

I thought it’d be easy to transfer this model to Shapr3d, but it appears not.

Since I couldn’t find something similar in STEP or something: can anyone advice me how to get that model in Shapr3d?

Would love some help with this same question.

Upload the model here and we will see.


STL is the only 3D format in common between SketchUp export and Shapr3D import.

But you can’t edit STL mesh in Shapr3D, just perform some Boolean, scale or split body operations.
I know there are some free STL to STEP converters online, but I have never tried them. I would give a try if I were you.


Saving to STL is not the best option. No one converter won’t be able to convert from mesh to any suitable (usable) CAD format.

Much interesting option is to save into autocad format and then using Fusion 360 convert it to STEP.

But all that depends on the source user have. That’s why I asked to share the model.

As continuously testing the new silicon version of FormZ (that has a lot of conversion problem that previous version did not) this was a good opportunityto test .skp → .stp → .shapr (This as I do a lot a conversions back an fourth in my workflow).

Here is the result.

German_Vise_Hardware.skp.stp (12.1 MB)

German_Vise_Hardware.skp.shapr (3.0 MB)

I’m happy to share a model, but I’m really looking for a process since I’m moving from Sketchup to Shapr3D and have a bunch of models I may need to move over. Xdrakosha you mentioned using Fusion360 as an intermediary, is there a free version of Fusion360 that can do that? I do not have access to Fusion360 paid version.

This looks promising, will the free version of FormZ do the imports and exports we need?

Yes. It’s free for non-commercial use.

I was asking to share just to test it myself. I don’t use Sketchup so I don’t have models from it to test.

Sorry for a newbie question, but how do I attach a .skp file to this post? When I click the “upload” icon, .skp files are greyed out.

Archive it before

Nope, I have only v9.2.3 of free installed as a ref on a x86-32, that v unfortionalty only exports in DAE, KMZ and STL. I expect v10 is alike.

How do I do that?

OK so that’s not an option then.

You really haven’t heard about archiving?

On a Mac easiest way is to right click and choose compress.

Oh, yes compression. Of course I’ve opened .zip files, but with storage so cheap per TB, I haven’t compressed/archived anything in years.

Here, try this. These are cabinets based on Jer Schmidt’s design from his website/Youtube channel.

Jer Schmidt (24.4 MB)

What should I do with this SketchUP file? As I said earlier I don’t have SketchUP.

Make an export to different AutoCad formats and I will try to convert them via Fusion 360.

Jer Schmidt (3.5 MB)
Jer Schmidt (2.6 MB)

Looks like these file have only sketches inside not the actual 3d models.

My Fusion 360 just hanging during import, will leave it for a wile and see will it handle.

OK. I’ve asked another person to create very simple object in SketchUp and save it as DXF file.

When I open it in Fusion and saw that:

There is only 3d sketch, no bodies. In this particular case this sketch can be easily converted to body by extrusion.

So potentially any work from SketchUp can be converted to solids, but not automatically.