Best Mac program for photorealism polish SHAPR creation?

I’ve been using SHAPR for a year now and it’s lovely, and the visualizer is good enough for product design without any additional programs. However, it’s not quite good enough to create photorealistic images for marketing purposes while the products are in manufacturing.

I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for macOS of a program that I could export SHAPR files (or .step etc.) into for mesh modeling with minimum additional translation so that I could bring a version it up to photorealism and use it in marketing. I only have experience on the CAD/parametric side of things, so I’d be starting totally fresh (therefore, ease of use is a big plus).

There are lots of renderers out there, but Keyshot is quite loved by our users. Blender is more complex, but free, so if you have the time to learn it, it can also produce great results.

Perfect! I’m downloading it now. I’d rather spend the nominal $100/month to get going ASAP if it has a better workflow than Blender. Thanks!

Try Light Tracer Render. Free trial and as low as $5 a month, or $100 for a perpetual licence.

I’m a long time Keyshot user and love it, but LTR is amazing for the price. I’ll post some recent renders from it in a few minutes.

Here are some renders from Light Tracer, for a work project. I exported these files as obj from Shapr3D into LTR, added a HDRI environment (tons of free ones from HDRI Haven) and these are the results.

The HDRI I used here was an Urban one of Dresden city.

Light Tracer works on Windows, MacOS and there’s a web browser version as well

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Here’s another one I did recently.

The HDRI here is a free London urban one from HDRI Haven.


Beautiful renders, Stephen!

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Wow those are amazing! I’ll look into that one too