Make my rendering look more realistic?

Is there a way to make my rendering look more realistic in Shapr3D. Or do I need a tool like Keyshot to do that?

Here’s what my render looks like right now, and I can’t seem to get it to look any more realistic…


I use Keyshot for important renders and for when I need to make large prints at higher dpi than mere iPad screen dimensions. Also lately I’ve started using Light Tracer, it gives renders as good as Keyshot and is much cheaper, with perpetual license option.


Thanks @Stephen, I’ll have to check that out!


The quality of the render very much depends on the quality of the geometry. If you import cubes to keyshot, it won’t look realistic. This was modeled and visualized in Shapr3D, and looks pretty great, largely because the model is detailed.


I agree, more detail is better… But there is something to be said for a good Light Tracer. I’m not very good at this render stuff, but this is looking good enough for me! :wink:


I wonder how the same geometry would look like in Visualization. Have you tried it?


Here is the model in Shapr3D build (5960). It’s not quite what I had in mind… I also could not import it in OBJ format. So I used the STP format, but there was no option to group all the same materials together. I ended up editing the 25 used materials, so that I wouldn’t have to individually edit each solid body (hundreds of them)!



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Looks great, thanks for sharing! Although our shadow rendering is optimized for smaller objects, which is quite visible on this model.