Best way to create objects for AR?

Hi all

I’ve been using Shapr3D for some months now and loving it for its simplicity and brilliant performance.

Lately I’ve run into a project where I would like to display my products using AR.
Meaning placing them in a real world scene and visualize for my client.

Do any of you guys have some suggestions regarding workflow?
Some things to consider when building the model - scale, up-axis…?
Which software do you go through to add textures?
I have found some converters from obj to usdz - but they have been rather simple.

I would have loved the ability for Shapr3D to just have an AR-mode, so I could quickly test my model in ‘real life’. But since next step is adding textures etc. I see why this is probably better done using another software.

So if any of you have any experience with going from Shapr3D to AR I would love to get some insights.

Thank and stay safe…

By the looks of it, it might be just around the corner. But someone from the shapr3d should reply to be sure.

From twitter:

Most likely we won’t have a built-in AR mode in the near future, but we are considering implementing USDZ export, so you could take a look at your designs in AR in the Files app.

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Wow that AR scan, add models and check in AR looks awesome.

Usdz (and Gltf) would be very welcome formats.

I was just yesterday trying out Adobe Aero hoping to bridge the gap from S3D to AR.
However the imported obj file from S3D came in blank (as in it imported but was not visible?).
Have no idea why?

Simple texture properties such as roughness and reflectivity would be an awesome help in S3D too. This would definitely help getting my design ideas across when doing quick screen shots.

Thank you for some awesome software :slight_smile:

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