iPad - 3.53 Augmented reality

Hi everyone!

We pride ourselves in leading the new generation for CAD and disrupting the whole industry… But this time, we’re gladly jumping on the bandwagon. We’re bringing augmented reality (AR) to Shapr3D.

With AR, you can create a virtual prototype of your design: Add context to your design and see your 3D models in the real world. As a PRO user, you can also export your models in USDZ format and distribute them so that your customers can immerse themselves using Apple’s built-in solutions available in iOS, iPad, and Safari on Mac.

When you preview solid and mesh bodies through AR, you’ll get a real-time visualization of how your design will look in situ. This kind of visualization provides great feedback on different design aspects, from dimensions to aesthetics, giving you more insight into your prototype design at any point in your workflow. If you see something that could be tweaked, or doesn’t quite match up with what you imagined, just exit the preview and go back to the drawing board.

Once you jump into preview mode, you can freely scale and move the model. If you want to share your visualization, tap the Shutter button to take a screenshot.

For complex models, you might find it helpful to isolate the rendered model and zoom in on the details in the Object tab.

You’ll notice it’s a bit more realistic than the raw design:

Download the latest version of the app and see for yourself why Shapr3D and AR make a revolutionary, perfect match. And if you’d like to read up on how to use our AR preview or export USDZ, you can count on our Help desk.


Really nice :+1:t2:


Robert, are you using a right handed mouse?

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Yes, even if I’m left-handed.
probably because everyone I knew that had a computer before me, they had it on the right side. well i dont know it became that way…:joy:

Ok I see now what you mean, I have two laptops on my desk, so that mouse belongs to the computer on the left and the keyboard belongs to the computer on the right :joy::joy:

this is such an awesome feature, can stop playing with it … made my day !!! thanks and congrats!


Okay, how do I go to preview mode?

EDIT: Found it under the export menu (you should probably mention that in the article)

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Hi, @TinkerBrained it’s great to know you found it, and thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Is this the technology showcased on the Apple LIDAR event?
Visualisation in AR of models built in Shapr3D?

I’d appreciate a straight answer to this question as you have been hinting for a long time about the technology you are working on without giving the community any clear information whatsoever.
To be clear, you have been hinting - on the forums and of course in the Apple event video - on something related to the LIDAR scanner and many users in your community have assumed or hoped this would mean some form of LIDAR-assisted modeling. If this is not the case, and the technology you have been working on is simply an AR visualisation tool, then at least for me your software is no longer relevant.

Appreciate an answer to this question if you can give us one.

No, it’s not.

Awesome feature, this app is getting better with every update :slight_smile:


What are the USDZ apps, capable to work with the kind of file?

Reality Composer is one of them. But USDZ is quickly becoming the standard for sharing 3D content in the Apple ecosystem and beyond.

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Mainly two apps on the appstore.

But also many of the build in apps like Safari, Messages, Mail, News, and Notes

You can also add them to your homepage if you want to. Just like Apple does with most of their products.

Even Lamborgini uses USDZ Ar Quicklook on their webpage.


Many thanks for the fast answers.

Thank you, then I am still hoping. And thanks for answering.

Magicplan recently released LiDAR supported floorplan generation, and it’s compatible with Shapr3D: https://apps.apple.com/hu/app/magicplan/id427424432

Using the two apps together you can achieve basically the same thing you’ve seen in the ad.


Thank you, @TinkerBrained! I’ll link to our support articles in the post :slight_smile:

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Amazing! :clap: Thank you Shapr3D Team! :smiley: :+1:

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