Better align tool pls

I have just started working in a field that requires me to use CAD. I’m the biggest fan of Shapr3D, and was thinking about propagating the idea of making my colleagues shift to this software from the beginning, since they (we) use the good old Solidworks. I am sharp eyed about the features that makes it the standard still, and one thing I’m sure of Shapr3D lacks is a better alignment feature.

I was frustrated at first about SW not being able to recognize what I want to do when I was just trying to align bodies with the same faces, but then I realized this operation has more use cases than just centered alignment.

I discovered since, that Shapr3D has a drag reference points feature, but it doesn’t seem to catch up with the software’s ease of use for other operations.

I haven’t thought of a resolution for this problem that would surely fit into Shapr3D’s philosophy, but please just make a better alignment tool. I guess you could just include more (maybe optional) steps for the alignment feature or something like that.

Hi @kettoegy , great to hear that you like Shapr3D. From your post it’s not clear to me what you miss from the Align tool in Shapr3D. Can you help me understand with a concrete example?

Actually just SolidWorks’ mating feature, where you can set multiple mates for alignment.
I think you could keep your “auto” align feature as it is with the ability to snap exact same faces or center bodies to be aligned but with the option to define additional constraints.

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I would also like to set fixed constrains so if you for example rotate an object the alignt object will keep this constrain an rotate with it. This would make Assemblys much better i my Opinion.