Bim support and cloud ponits


Can you add support for import ifc and revit files and export to ifc, dwg, solidworks thru oda library and add floor planning capability

sure are you spamming or dreaming?
don’t forget to add AI supported industry 6.0 so you don’t have to click at all , just say what you want and when it shall arrive from monopolistic Software as Service companies in 2030 by monopolistic “our” biggest and one only online shop.

I suggest to keep Shapr3D as simple and easy as it is. Lightning fast tool for simple and easy models generation.

Hi @Isaina , thanks for the suggestions! These areas are currently out of our focus.

Not to make clone of this software but to have abbility to import ifc or revit so we can put our egg. furniture or other equipment into contexts to see if fits. And points cloud with lidar to scan for egg. one part for egg. pipe flange and make our part base on dimensions which need to be connected on scanned part. Maybe is also possible to make this with pdf3d format if ifc is too complex. And to draw pipes and duct with iPad pencile simple extrude profile command with lenght annotation and to make connection points with detection on 3d part.

Now we have this

Can you make one function to have pipes and second duct so we can easy drive isometry, and second to make block library in which we can make Parta Like T-join but to add virtual points od dimensions so with command pipe reads this dimensions and on this virtual points continue to draw pipes from T-join in that virtual dimensions, also for duct.

Ok for lidar we need to have another app but be great to have this integration in app