What new features in Shapr3d would close the gap up to the big guys?

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing

One of my favorite things about Shapr3D is how often you update the app and add features. It’s also far more enjoyable to work in than apps like Onshape or Fusion360. But it still lacks alot of features that the big guys have. Even Onshape on Ipad
I truly believe Shapr3D and Ipad Pro can become the future Industrial Design.
So what would it take for Shapr3d to close the gap up to the big guys like Solidworks?

  • Sketch fillet.
  • Array tool.
  • Threads tool
  • Built in USDZ export and viewer (I´m guessing this is already in the pipeline with the new IPAD PRO 2020?)
  • Joints, assembly and motion?
  • Folding ?
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Being able to make professional 2D drawings you can print or send directly to manufacturing.
  • Cad Import library (fasteners, components, bearings etc etc)

It can also be complentary apps to IpadOS or features directly integrated into shapr3D

  • 3d Printer slicer. So you can print directly to your printer without having to export it to your pc/mac first.
  • Powerfull rendering feature or app
  • Physics analyser app

Any other requests?


Please Please Please!!! I would like to see a simple “Align” menu, like in most CNC cad / cam programs. click the item you want to align to another object, then select the object you want to align to, then you can choose inside edge left, right, top, bottom, Outside Edge Left, Right, Top, Bottom, And center, horizontal center and vertical center. It’s soooo easy! Who cares if that’s not the way “most” 3D design programs do it? You’re not Most 3D programs! :slight_smile:


For me a good mating feature would definitely make it easier to create assemblies like in regular desktop software. :slight_smile:


Anyone in the shapr3d team who could reply if any of these are in the pipeline of future updates?

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I’ve been looking for a way to import stl files and them be able to modify them. I’ve been seeking help but they don’t really seem to have the answers in the forum. It’s the one reason I purchased a one year subscription. I’m still within my two week period. With my main features really not a part of the shapr 3d software and what seems to be limited help, I think I might ask for a refund. So the feature I would say add, is the ability to import stl files and be able to modify them. I know they can be imported but not being able to modify them seems like severe short coming. In my opinion.


I gave it a try with a STL file and you can import it but the editing is limited.
This is what shapr3d resources say https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024315354-Using-STL-import-and-modifying-mesh-files-in-Shapr3D

STEP on the other hand worked perfectly.

Many of these things are on our roadmap for the next 12 months (and of course even more stuff is coming) :slight_smile:


I couldn’t get mt .step file to load in it started but just locked up.

This is all it does.

I’m having the same problems with step files… they crash the ipad. it hangs for about an hour, then it restarts… this is a jan 2020 12.9 ipad pro.

Diameter value as option for radius


I have a few quick suggestions for features, and they’re super simple!

I would absolutely love the option to be able to choose between Radius and diameter when creating circles… I’m constantly having to flip back and forth between calculator, and Shapr. This brings me to my next suggestion: can we get a calculator button in the top bar, so we don’t have to leave the app when calculating an angle, or radius? That would be awesome! I’d also really love to see a proper set of justification tools. For example: The “concentric” tool… on most programs, this can be used to center any shape on another, based on it’s calculated “center of mass”. Being able to quickly align an object to the top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right, and center vertically and horizontally, is a feature I can’t live without anymore, as it’s a fixture in all of my other design software. The apple pencil can get a little hairy when you’re trying to align a ton of pieces. Lastly, A “boundary Box” style drag tool to select multiple pieces at one time would be epic! I’m printing face shields 24/7 for the hospital workers, and I’ve been putting little “Easter Egg” inspirational sayings on them. Shapr seems to be completely missing any text tools, so I have to do it in another program and import it. Even if I join the text, Shapr splits it into individual pieces. Selecting 20 individual letters is super tedious, as you’ll get 15 selected, then click “dead center” on a letter, and it’ll deselect all of them! So frustrating!!! And that leads me to my last suggestion… How about some text tools? Thanks soooo Much!


This is to echo earlier requests for a tool that could slice through a body, e.g. create a contruction plane in a location of the cut, and then cut the selected body along the construction plane, allowing the two (or more) pieces to be worked on.

BTW I’m a pro subscriber and love the app.
Also dimensioned drawings would be great too.

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Almost forgot, it would be game changing/competition crushing if one could use the new lidar camera to do 3d scans of an object for importation into and subsequent editing in Shap3r.

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If you make rectangle staring at 0,0,0 and try to lock vertex point then the move arrows are over lock symbol. That’s make lock select tricky. Please fix this.

Can you please send the workspace to support@shapr3d.com. We will take a look. Importing step files is tricky, depends on the source and quality of the file. We will take a look, if there is something on our side - we will fix it.

Thanks - it is a known issue and we will have a solution for this in the future (not sure when yet)

I found solution … rotate model around verticale axis then series stay oposite to the symbol :slight_smile: but that cost few calories of energy from hand move :slight_smile:

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One more option not mentioned is native text features to add words/numbers or whatever to your models…

My usage is non-standard: I had hoped to use Shapr to build 3D models for import into games in Codea on the iPad, or into Unity. That’s clearly not in your wheelhouse.

What would be good to have for my purpose would be the ability to assign materials to faces, and, ideally, to create UV files.

But that’s probably well outside your purpose.


For Unity u can export to .obj . It works well for me. Just drag drop file to assets in Unity.

In Unity:
For separate objects I create separate objects,
Face selection for texture assignment is possible when you have active package called ProBuilder. (Window/package manager, search install probuilder… then Tools menu will show up, … then probuilderize command to convert your shape and …just explore commands for options…) after conversion you will see in graphic window bar at top where you can switch face selection. There you have UV editing. Enjoy. :wink:

I used Shapr3D to make geometries for VR world in Unity.
Shaper3D is best thing I discovered in 3D already 3 subscriptions ago. I am in 3D CAD since 1998, so I know what I am talking about.

Gents at Shapr3D, you doing better than you think!