IMPORT SVG and PDF into SHAPR3D as sketch format vectors

IMPORT SVG and PDF into SHAPR3D sketch format, not only as images, but as interactive vectors inside SHAPR3D

The problem that this feature will solve:
Now, we can only import DWG or DXF as sketches. SVG as images, not as vectors. The problem is the good vector interfaces are the old ones_illustrator, as a simple example. Illustrator have a very simple yet powerful and time tested interface to draw precise vector interfaces. Instead of constructing a interface copy with all that features, simply allow us to import SVG/PDF files directly as sketches. Illustrator on MAC does export DXF/DWG, but iPAD illustrator does not. If I want to import a vector, I have to put down iPAD, open a MAC, export from illustrator, wait for the cloud to update, an then import my DXF sketch.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:
Not leaving the IPAD when doing complex vectors in Illustrator and exporting as PDF/SVG before importing into SHAPR3D. Even other good vector apps for IPAD such as GRAPHIC and/or AFFINITY DESIGNER IPAD VERSION does not export DWG/DXF. So, you have to create your vectors in a CAD app or inside SHAPR3D, and the interface for vectors on CAD apps are precise but limited.
If SHAPR3D is designed to give freedom to designers to operate in a IPAD, if you have to leave the ipad all the time and open an asset in a MAC, that freedom is lost.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?
Faster work. Better access to other vector interfaces.

Is this a workflow blocker for you? Is this why you can’t use Shapr3D for work? Is this slowing you down?
Is something that make my workflow slower. Ok, is possible to live with just DXF and DWG. But, If I have to change hardware to export an DXF, or change the interface that I like and start using another one, worse, but that does export DXF, both cases are not good outcomes. It will be simple and easy to just allow us to import SVG and PDF as vectors.



SVG import is in the roadmap. I’m not sure that PDF is, but it falls under the more general category of EPS. I have no idea if they plan EPS import.


I would love that feature too. I create a lot of logo’s in Inkscape and save them as SVG, since it’s my preferred format in vector.
I do mainly 3D printing design in Shapr3D and require putting my logo’s embossed on the model. SVG import would be awesome for that. Also, I created a like of 2D constructions for laser cutting in Inkscape. Would be great if I could import those in shapr3D for testing of modifications.

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Just thinking out loud here as a fellow software Product Manager/Designer, not trying to criticize, but it’s interesting to me that while Shapr’s target demographic seems to be designers and not engineers, the formats that have been selected for import/export development are very much formats that engineers use and not formats that designers use. I see this not only with the svg import but also with the exporting of models in FBX and OBJ with the materials included.

Our customers are typically design, engineering and manufacturing professionals. 3D graphics and entertainment is not in our focus.