BM-8-24 "katyusha"

BM-8-24 is a light Soviet self-propelled artillery unit of the class of multiple launch rocket systems, developed at the SKB of the Moscow plant No. 733 “Compressor” with the participation of NII-3 and the design bureau.


@Antey85, I wish I had 1/100 of your abilty. You are truly amazing!

Thank you my friend!

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You are brilliant !! How can you do such detail work.

Bro this kind of work would’ve took me at least 2 weeks to get close to the details.

That if I went designing with a knowledge of all the details. ‘No searching time’

You just made at least 3 designs last month :smiley:

How ? Just How ? :exploding_head:

Anyway … brilliant work, :slightly_smiling_face: like all the previous designs .:+1:

Quite exceptional.
Do you draw to photos or drawings - or how?

it depends on what you can find, both from photographs and drawings

Thank you for your positive reviews of my work.
Average, one project takes a week of work at night) is a hobby, so you can do more, but you can’t.

Thank you, Rohan