Body not copying

I am trying to copy a body by selecting it by tapping until the entire body is blue. I then clicked on the + and it is highlighted, but when I drag only guide arrows drag with it but nothing else. I have a video but because this is only my second post it wont let me attach.

Thank You

Hi, sorry about the experience. Please send us an email with the video attached via
We will look into it and then get back to you!

Please help, my full version of Shapr3D is gone, I am unable to save any work.

David Priebe

Hello David,

are you logged in?

I see that you have an active edu license.

Yes Dan I logged in password didn’t work, changed password and I did subscription reset and it allowed me to save our drawing. I think because it allowed me to save I am back in the loop of full version.

The other sensitive thing it must require a good WiFi connection. Apple pencil kept disconnecting and program was acting flaky if that makes any sense.

You don’t need WiFi to use Shapr3D - Apple Pencil is connected to your device through Bluetooth:

Glad the subscription issue worked out

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