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Since I have been using Shapr3D, a persistent bug has polluted my life. I already reported this problem two years ago, but the problem has not been solved to date.

I model and 2D plan large, complete and complex machines with Shapr3D. These machines and tools of my invention are partly made in mechanical welding, and in screwed assemblies.

Screwed assemblies means multiple drillings, and quotation of a multitude of holes, tapped or not.

To simplify the reading of plans, I use the passing section function for drilling alignments, and axis lines to hang my quotations.

Like any complex set, modifications and updates appear throughout the development of a project. Using the power of CAD, I modify 3D files, which themselves force the update of 2D plans, which is normal.

However, Shapr3D has had a big bug since its launch, without providing a solution, although it has been reported for several years.

When updating the 2D plans, all the axis lines (geometry, center line) are moved to an edge of the hole, and all the attached quotations are also moved.

To date, I have had to redo dozens of plans, lost hundreds of hours, without having solutions to the problem. Even today, the problem has arisen. (See the two attached photos).

I know you will solve this problem, but personally, the sooner the better. I love using Shapr3D, like everyone who adopted it, but this bug might end up making me change my mind if I had to do the same job again and again every time.

Best regards,


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Hey @alainblanck,

Thank you for the detailed description of this issue!

I have good news for you: we’re very familiar with this specific bug, because we’ve been working on the solution, and on improving the general reliability of drawing updates. You can expect major improvements in this area in the forthcoming couple of releases - including the fix for the bug you highlighted.

Since drawing updates are already on our plate, we are very curious about your experience: if you have any other inconveniences with the way it currently works, let us know in similar detail, and we may be able to fix them pretty soon!


I am very happy to learn that the solution is near. The improvements made to the drawings in the latest versions are very interesting. linked views is a great function, but having the possibility of unlinking them under certain conditions would also be very interesting. Being able to influence the dimensions of the fonts for the quotation would be a plus for our layout, as would being able to frame the comments, which could attract the attention of operators. finally, being able to act on the title block so as not to have to carry out the same operations for each drawing, that is to say embedding the same logo photos, the same descriptions of the project attached to the drawing….

Kind regards, Alain

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Hi Alain,

thanks for the additional notes. Some of the requests like to reduce the manual work at every drawing creation by saving a template is on our radar, but the styling related needs are further ahead. Can you elaborate a little bit more on the need to unlink views in certain cases? This is something we are also thinking about to enable, but we haven’t yet received workflows from mechanical engineering background where this was a missing piece. I would be happy to learn more about your use cases.

Hello Alexander and Daniel,

the problem with the sections frozen in place is as follows. See attached photos. in mechanical engineering, we often have to use very long parts, or massive assemblies. If we make many sections, the drawing sheet quickly becomes too short lengthwise. to avoid having to trace a part on an ‘A0’ format when the ‘A2’ format is sufficient, we must be able to move certain views, or certain sections, to optimize the surface area of ​​use of the sheet, therefore saving substantial amount of paper, which is not negligible. the operators who manufacture the parts according to the plans provided by the design office are used to working with plans as shown in the attached photos. anyway, the sections are always named, and it’s very easy to find their origin in the reference view.


Hi Alain,

Thanks for getting back to us. This was a very helpful example. We are planning to improve on section views for Drawings, so we can take this into account.

I think I’m in same situation but for some reason I was able to move cross sections around my drawing before. Today I had to update a dimension in a model and when I updated the 2D drawing all the cross sections move inline with its parent view and making the whole thing untenable without restructuring the drawing and making everything smaller so they fit. Am I missing a step or option somewhere since the last update?


Yes, we have recently linked together the Drawing views to keep them aligned. The same is applied to the section views, hence it changed for you as well during the update. I can’t commit to a deadline yet, but detaching a section view from the parent view is something we are considering.

That’s rather unfortunate. I hope you will reconsider forcing the alignment sooner than later. Not that I use this function on every drawing nor do I constantly have long pieces requiring cross sections but it’s used quite frequently.
I dare not update any other drawings I’ve made up to this point. It’s a setback in my world, maybe no one else’s. Other than that, keep up the great work you guys are doing.


I agree with Lauport, I have been doing mechanical drawings for over 30 years and keeping the section views linked to the parent view just does not make any sense because when creating a drawing it is all about clarity and being able to fit the views you need on a specific drawing size which means you most likely will not be able to keep you section views and maybe sometimes you projected views aligned together that is why you use section arrows and view designations to show you how the views are created. Hopefully this is something that will be addressed soon by the Shapr3D team.

Thank you

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Absolutely it needs fixing, As a piping & boiler engineer it’s the single biggest issue on the 2D drawings

Looking forward to the “fix” as soon as ? Tomorrow