5.460 - Base and Projection views in 2D Drawings

We’re back again to give you exciting updates to 2D Drawings. We also added a few more improvements to the menus.

Regular release updates

  • New (Windows): Access frequently used functions more quickly with a new menu bar located at the top of your screen.

  • New: Create well-organized 2D Drawings faster with base and projection views.

  • New: Projection views in 2D Drawings now align automatically, allowing you to focus more on the finer details of your drawings.

  • Improved: Section views in 2D Drawings now align with their parent views to help provide you with an even more consistent look.

  • Improved: Showcase the most important features of your project in 2D Drawings with the new option to choose your preferred isometric view when you add a new base view.

  • Improved (iPadOS): You told us and we listened: the Undo & Redo buttons are now back in their original location at the bottom corner of your screen.

Beta release updates:

  • New: Suppress/unsuppress or delete multiple steps quicker in your history steps using the new multi-selection option.
  • Improved: Set the target geometry for Extrude quicker by pulling the canvas control over it.
  • Improved: Experience a smoother transition from the live Shapr3D version: the Offset Face tool is now the default again for non-planar faces in the parametric version.

Give these updates a try and share your experience in the comments section below. :arrow_down:


Will the old drawings done before this latest update also move together as projection views also or do you need to redo the views completely to get the projection to work.

Thank you


This change will only affect the Drawings created from now on.



MacOS keyboard recapture appears to still be an issue @Peter_Gy

Will there be any updates in the upcoming releases of S3d to being able to regenerate the drawing to include new bodies/parts added in the design process without having to recreate new views or a new drawing or making all the bodies union together which is not a very good workflow and really adds a lot of wasted time to the design process.

Thank you

Please refresh my memory, these have been incredibly busy weeks and my memory is horrible to begin with :frowning:

All good, on MacOS. When you navigate away from Shapr3D to another application then navigate back Shapr3d recaptures the Mouse but not the keyboard so you arent able to use keyboard shortcuts (esc, space to select etc)

This is not on the short term roadmap, currently we have one design space to create the 3D models from bodies, what you are looking for makes more sense when there is a part and an assembly space and the Drawings are created from those. The solution currently is to adjust the views with changing the body selection when adding views.

Meanwhile to take a better note for our team can you share more details on your workflow? How do you mix the modelling and drawing tasks in your work?

since S3D does not have a assembly space when a assembly is created you would create new bodies in one workspace and align them together which does work fine but if a new drawing is started at the beginning of a design/assembly and you add new parts/bodies to the design they do not updated on the existing drawing. It would make more sense to just have a “Update or Regenerate” button on the drawing workspace to update the existing drawing views so the will show the latest added parts/bodies. Maybe this will all be fixed when S3D adds more to the assembly side of designing.

Thank you

I am not sure I follow. In this regard, Shapr3D works like every other app on macOS: you can scroll without focusing on an app or bringing it into the foreground, but keyboard input always goes to the focused application. Also, the first click in the background app just switches the focus and does not count as an action in that app. We want to honor the OS defaults for such a basic functionality.

If that’s not how it works for you, and keyboard input does not work even after you bring the focus to the app, a short video recording with the “tutorial mode” options in the Settings enabled would be awesome.

Checkout support ticket #83705 I went through this with you guy and provided a recording etc.

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Thank you very much, I found it.

Fantastic work on this release

Hi. Nice to have the various views alininging but is there a way of not having them aline.

I rarely have a section aligned.


Hi Simon,

Later we plan to allow users to detach projections or section views from parent views, although there’s no estimated delivery date yet.

Can you please explain when and why exactly you would prefer your section views (or other projections) not to be aligned?



Hi Peter,
Thanks for getting back to me.
It is a shame when an improvement also removes a previous flexibility and this is a good example of that. Flexibility and the ability to to not have to follow a predefined format is a good thing and would appease a broader user base.
Architects tend not to layout drawings in the same way as product/manufacture designers would. It really depends on the nature of the project and how it might best be presented. It also depends how it all fits on one sheet - often not aligned. See attached simple example.

Thanks again for your interest.
Plans & Elevations 317_03_D_1.pdf (1.3 MB)

Hey @WrigleyS,
You can still create these views easily just as before, please check this short video:

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Hi Daniel,

Good approach but it is still a work around to something that was much quicker and easier before. I could have a single ‘base’ view with several sections and place them wherever I wanted. Now I almost need a base view for for every section I do and the whole work space gets crowded and in the case of a very detailed model, very slow (even on the current 16mb iPad).

Then if I decide to rearrange the layout I’ve got all my base views getting in the way of each other and the drawing which then need to be moved out of the way. Much easier to be given the freedom we had before. I found a alining the various views by eye quite easy.

I do get the alinement idea, it’s a good idea, but like a lot of the improvements that come along we seem to have to fall in to Sharp’s way of doing things rather than being given the choice. By all means add things but don’t take stuff away at the same time.

Thanks again.

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